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When it comes to building impressive triceps, few exercises are as effective as skull crushers. By doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff, you can target the triceps specifically and achieve incredible muscle growth. In this guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of this powerful exercise and how it can help you build insane triceps.

The Importance of Strong Triceps

Strong triceps are essential for overall upper body strength and aesthetics. They make up a significant portion of your arm’s mass and play a crucial role in various pushing movements. By doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff, you can effectively target and develop your triceps, leading to improved performance in other exercises and a more balanced physique.

What Are Skull Crushers?

Skull crushers, also known as lying tricep extensions, are a strength-training exercise that specifically targets the triceps. By doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff, you can isolate the triceps and work them through a full range of motion, promoting muscle growth and strength. This exercise involves lowering a weight towards your forehead and then extending your arms back to the starting position.

Benefits of Doing Skull Crushers

By doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff, you can enjoy several benefits, including increased tricep strength, improved muscle definition, and enhanced overall arm size. This exercise also helps in developing the stabilizing muscles of the shoulders and core, contributing to better functional strength and injury prevention.

Proper Technique for Skull Crushers

To build insane triceps by doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff, it’s crucial to master the proper technique. Start by lying on a bench with a barbell or dumbbells in your hands. Keep your elbows pointed straight up and your upper arms stationary. Lower the weight slowly towards your forehead, keeping your elbows in place, then extend your arms back to the starting position. Maintaining control and using a full range of motion is key for maximizing the benefits.

Variations of Skull Crushers

By doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff, you can incorporate various variations to keep your workouts interesting and challenging. Some popular variations include using different grips (such as close or wide grip), performing the exercise on an incline or decline bench, and using cables or resistance bands instead of free weights. These variations can target different parts of the triceps and provide a well-rounded workout.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When building insane triceps by doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff, it’s important to avoid common mistakes that can hinder your progress or lead to injury. Some common errors include flaring the elbows out, using too much weight, and not controlling the movement. Focus on maintaining proper form, using a weight you can handle, and performing the exercise slowly and deliberately.

Incorporating Skull Crushers into Your Workout Routine

To maximize the benefits of doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff, it’s essential to incorporate them effectively into your workout routine. Consider adding skull crushers to your tricep workout or upper body day. Pair them with other tricep exercises like dips, tricep pushdowns, and close-grip bench presses for a comprehensive arm workout.

Progressive Overload and Skull Crushers

Progressive overload is a key principle for muscle growth, and by doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff, you can apply this principle effectively. Gradually increase the weight you use for skull crushers over time, ensuring you’re challenging your muscles and promoting growth. Keep track of your progress and aim to add weight or reps as you get stronger.

Recovery and Nutrition for Tricep Growth

Building insane triceps by doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff also requires adequate recovery and proper nutrition. Ensure you’re getting enough protein to support muscle repair and growth, and allow your triceps time to recover between workouts. Incorporate rest days and prioritize sleep to maximize your gains.


By doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff, you can build insane triceps and take your upper body strength to the next level. This exercise is highly effective for isolating and targeting the triceps, leading to significant muscle growth and improved performance in other lifts. Remember to use proper technique, incorporate variations, avoid common mistakes, and follow a balanced workout routine for the best results.


1. What equipment do I need for doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff?

To perform skull crushers, you will need a barbell or dumbbells, a bench, and potentially a spotter if you’re lifting heavy weights.

2. How often should I be doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff for optimal results?

Incorporate skull crushers into your tricep workouts 1-2 times per week, allowing for adequate recovery between sessions.

3. Can beginners start doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff?

Yes, beginners can start with lighter weights and focus on mastering the proper technique before gradually increasing the weight.

4. What muscles are primarily targeted by doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff?

Skull crushers primarily target the triceps brachii, with secondary engagement of the shoulders and forearms.

5. Are there any safety tips for doing skull crushers – Laz Tymoff?

Always use a spotter if lifting heavy, maintain proper form, and avoid using excessive weight to prevent injury.

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